Southern Agri Fund

Australian agriculture investment opportunities.

Southern Agri Fund is an unregistered Wholesale Managed Investment Scheme that invests in Australian agriculture related opportunities. The Fund currently holds 13 wheat farms in Western Australia which operate under lease or share cropping agreements.

To maintain and enhance the value of its investments and to act in accordance with universal ESG tenets, Southern Agri Fund complies with the Standards outlined by the SASB (Sustainable Accounting Standards Board).

Southern Agri Fund is Ecologically responsible

Some four hundred and sixty hectares fenced off to protect endangered species of birds.
All farms self-sufficient in own water resources provided by bore holes, dams and collection of rainwater.
GMO fertilisers comprise less than 2% of all our agricultural treatments and we aim to be at zero in 2021.
All power supplied by solar panel or wind power.
Southern Agri Fund subscribes to the Australian Government’s Look After the Soil Save the Earth initiative.

Southern Agri Fund is Sustainable

Southern Agri Fund welcomes impact investors, inviting them to assess its policies, farms and ethical procedures in as transparent a manner as possible.
Southern Agri Fund has a positive ESG momentum by improving, innovating and engaging with the local environment andcommunities.

Southern Agri Fund aims for transparency and Corporate Governance of the highest standard.

Guaranteed Quality

Southern Agri Fund has elected to follow the Sustainability Accounting Standard for Agricultural Products.